Aktiengesellschaft. Translates to "stock corporation". Minimum share capital is ATS 1 million. Par value of each share must be ATS 100, ATS 500, or a multiple of ATS 1,000. As in Germany, an Austrian AG must have both a Vorstand and an Aufsichtsrat. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
Aktiengesellschaft. Translates to "stock corporation." In Germany, all publicly traded companies are AG's, but not all AG's are publicly traded. AG's have two sets of boards — the Vorstand, which usually consists of the CEO, CFO and other top management, and an Aufsichtsrat, which translates to "supervisory board," which has the function of overseeing management and representing the shareholders. German law prohibits individuals from being members of both boards at the same time. AG's in Germany require a minimum of DM 100,000 share capital and at least five shareholders at incorporation. Minimum par value for shares is DM 50. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
Aktiengesellschaft. Translates to "stock corporation." In Switzerland, AG's must have at least CHF 100,000 share capital, and each share must be at least CHF 0.01 par value. When a Swiss entity registers as an AG, 3% of the capital must be paid to the authorities as a Tax if the share capital is equal to or more than CHF 250,000. There must be three shareholders (although they can be nominees). An annual audit is required, and an annual directors meeting and shareholders meetings must be held in Switzerland. Company Extensions and Security Identifiers
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for Antigua and Barbudaag. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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   German company title: abbreviation of Aktiengesellschaft, a joint-stock company.

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ABBREVIATION for Aktiengesellschaft: in Germany, a company that is similar to a limited company in other countries: »

Bayersiche Motoren Werke AG is the name of the German company more commonly known as BMW.

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